Welcome To The BIAYA Journey...

Embark on the Biaya journey and open up your mind and skin to our luxurious range of Natural and Organic Skincare Line; you will experience a unique skincare experience.

The Biaya Founders have a wealth of knowledge & experience between them, within the Cosmetics, Beauty and ingredients industry.
One has a highly acclaimed 1st Class Hons Degree in Cosmetic Chemistry; a deep understanding of Skin Biology & skillful expertise in formulating Cosmetic products, combined with over 18 years experience within this field. Through working very closely and advising top prestigious brands on their R&D briefs and working with cosmetic ingredient suppliers from all over the globe, she knows what it takes to create an exceptional range of Skincare Products that deliver on their promise.
Our other Founder is highly qualified within the Cosmetic, Beauty, Hair and Spa industry and has many years experience working within the retail sector for a number of top beauty houses. 


We source only the most purest of ingredients from across our beautiful Earth that are highly effective and have undergone our thorough evaluation methods.  Each Supplier has been throughly researched and vetted on their sourcing methods and supply chain, to ensure we only work with Ethical Suppliers. We only use 100% Natural ingredients and where we can, we will source Certified Organic ingredients and add at an inclusion level that is safe but that will have a marked impact on each skin type.  

Our 'No Water Rule'

Water is not only a vital resource but it is also a limited resource.  More than 1.2 billion of people around the world lack access to clean water. When applied directly to the skin, Water is drying, making it feel tight and stripping it, of its natural oils & disrupting the equilibrium.  It is also a cheap filler used in many beauty products, making up over 90% of the formulation and making the product not as effective as it really could be. We believe, Water should be used for it main and most important purpose. For these reasons, we eliminate it from all our product formulations.  WaterAid is our chosen charity and we donate 10% of all our profits to this well deserved cause.