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I have really dry skin and have suffered with eczema all my life, my face is particularly affected through the colder months and the Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Dry Skin has just worked wonders for my skin. It feels much more hydrated, less itchy and inflamed and overall, more radiant and healthy, and i'm certain it has helped to even out my skin tone and minimise some of my line too. 
Rosie - Hertfordshire

A big thank you to the 'Biaya Team' in answering all my questions, your in-depth knowledge and experience shines through your products and I really think this is what sets you apart from other skincare brands. My skin has never felt so smooth and moisturised. You have definitely gained a loyal follower of Biaya. Thank you x
Dawn - Dorset

A friend recommended your brand to me and urged me to try it, as I really struggle to find the right skincare product for my oily skin. I will be honest, I was a bit hesitant about purchasing the Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Oily Skin, as I really thought adding this sort of product would make my oily skin worse, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The serum actually sinks into your skin really quickly without leaving any oily residue and I think it has done the opposite and made my skin less oily. Plus it smells divine with the hint of Lemongrass and Coriander.
Carol - Staffordshire

So impressed by the Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Dry Skin - it really works as the perfect primer and moisturiser, my make-up now glides on without seeing any hidden dry patches. My face feels much more hydrated and looks far more radiant than before. The smell of this oil is so beautiful, I adore the Jasmine notes in it. The bottle and box are stunning, simple but very luxurious - it looks fabulous on my bedside table x
Charlotte - Essex

I love the Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Normal Skin, it is my new favourite beauty product! Smells absolutely gorgeous and looks a million dollars. I love everything Biaya stands for...Natural, Organic, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly, No Water and a British Brand. As an avid Organic/Natural shopper - it is nice to see a brand that follows these values but also still creates truly luxury products. I can't wait to see the next product launch for Biaya...
Torie - Kent

Thank you for answering my skincare needs and creating such a perfect serum. The Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Dry Skin is what my skin has been craving for so long. I take it on all my work trips abroad and is goes straight into my liquids bag, as it is godsend during a long haul flight, I just can't be without it! The smell is delightful and an instant pick-me up - trust me you need this on a long flight! It makes my skin feel instantly hydrated, smooth and supple and it keeps it moisturised for much longer than creams ever have done and I do also use it on dry patches on my body too.  
Kate - London

Such a lovely luxury skincare brand. I was thrilled when my best friend purchased this for me for my 40th Birthday! It looks absolutely stunning in my bathroom with the brown and gold detail of the bottle, I even keep it in the box, as it is just too lovely to throw away. This serum feels amazing on my skin without leaving any oiliness and I do use it on my neck area, as it really helps to keep my skin smooth. I am a huge fan of Facial Serums but I have definitely found my favourite with Biaya. No synthetic harsh ingredients, no water, vegan suitable and the essential oil blend in it smells heavenly. I will definitely be purchasing this again and again!
Sara - Berkshire

This has been my best skincare purchase in a very long time! My face feels so smooth and moisturised and smells good too. Far better than any cream out there, which are always fully of so many nasties and they don't keep your skin moisturised for very long. I really like the combination of oils used and that this is in a dark glass bottle with a dropper pippette, makes application so much easier and a few drops goes a long way.
Beth - Hampshire

Finally an ethical, organic skincare brand that actually works, smells gorgeous and looks fabulous! Five stars to you all at Biaya for creating a true Eco-Luxe Brand. I have just purchased the Normal Serum for my Sister and Dry Serum for my Mum as Christmas Presents - I know they are going to love them as much as me.
Lizzy - London

I use my Biaya Facial Oil Serum for Normal Skin both in the morning, after cleansing and also in the evening, before bed. P.S. please bring out a Cleansing Product! This product feels just incredible on my skin and it definitely makes it more revitalised! I swear it has made me look younger, as it seems to have literally ironed out some of my fine lines and my face looks more radiant. Love that all the ingredients are natural and vegan and you support the charity WaterAid.
Lucy - Suffolk