The Biaya Promise

We believe in being as transparent as possible with our customers and are passionate about what we do but also the world we love in and that's why we have implemented the Biaya Promise -

- Each of our ingredients have been carefully selected and chosen due to the specific properties they bring to each formulation
- We only use 100% Natural ingredients
- We source the highest quality cold-pressed ingredients
- We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the supply chain is transparent and ethical
- Where possible we source Organic ingredients that have been certified 
- All our ingredients are Palm Free and Gluten Free
- We love animals and therefore we don't animal test
- We only use Vegan ingredients, so we are 100% Vegan 
- Our products conform to EU cosmetic regulations
- All our products have undergone thorough safety testing and consumer testing 
- Our products are globally compliant and can be sold worldwide and shipped worldwide
- We have chosen amber glass bottles and jars to protect our beautiful ingredients from UV light damage, plus they are recyclable or can be reused.
- We support small businesses and try to work with local suppliers to minimise carbon footprint